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    How to understand industry 4.0? Experts and scholars bring "dry goods" to chengdu
    Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2017-11-17 | 135 Views | Share:

    "Deep understanding industrial 4.0, this map, should include three ring, but now most of the domestic attention, only focused on the content of intelligent production technology and product itself this on a" ring "." Vice director of China automation, Shanghai jiaotong university professor shao-yuan li came to power, it throws a three-ring concept, just start the "keynote" program of the venue, transient stage shao-yuan li highly concentrated attention. On November 16, 2017 China (chengdu) international BBS and intelligent manufacturing collaborative innovation between scientific and technological achievements "monthly docking" southwest jiaotong university special activities held in rong - shao-yuan li "three-ring concept" to bring inspiration, is one of the activities to achieve the effect of.

    2017 China (chengdu) intelligent manufacturing collaborative innovation international BBS is held in rongrong

    This activity, the automation of China society, Chinese instruments, Chinese robot industry alliance, the government of chengdu, southwest jiaotong university, to "collaborative innovation, wisdom creates the future" as the theme, focus on collaborative innovation factor supply, mechanism construction, the industrial system developing, technology innovation and achievements transformation domain, to carry out the theme report, policy analysis, workshops, case sharing, scientific and technological achievements to show, project docking roadshow, investment and financing, industry planning and consulting, investment promotion and capital introduction, and other forms of communication. More than 300 attendees. 

    Organizers, and experiences of experts wisdom and draw lessons from advanced experience, make a brainstorm for the intelligence of chengdu, is holding the activity want to achieve one of the key effect, therefore, particularly invited automation society of China, China robot industry alliance, southwest jiaotong university, Stanford institute of tianfu well-known experts and scholars made special reports. 

    From the scene, these well-known experts and scholars have indeed brought "the dry goods" to chengdu. 

    Li shao-yuan, vice President of the China automation society and a professor at Shanghai jiaotong university, brought the "three-ring concept" of "industry 4.0". "In addition to the one 'ring' that everyone is concerned about, there are two other 'post-sales services' that are' seamless connectivity 'and intellectualized. Shao-yuan li said, especially the "after-sales service", is easy to ignore, he in the shipbuilding industry of China and Korea shipbuilding industry in shipbuilding technology were similar, but in China the market share than South Korea as a comparison on the case, "manufacturers even earlier than the user know the equipment running status, to make prevention and provide corresponding services, is a key competitiveness" in "intelligent manufacturing. 

    China machinery industry federation executive vice President and secretary general of the China robot industry association executive director and chief Song Xiaogang in special amended their report before the meeting content - will report from the robot development trend in our country and the characteristics of the changes for the robot industry development present situation and the trend, do report range from "China" to "global", and an increase in the "status quo" plate. 'this is to make the robot industry in chengdu, through the official data and analysis he provides, better' see the current situation 'and realize its own development,' Mr. Song said. 

    In the special report, song xiaogang shows the development and sales situation of industrial robots in the world with accurate statistics. He analyzed that industrial robots still have huge market potential in China, even though sales of industrial robots in the Chinese market have been no. 1 for four consecutive years since 2013. On this basis, the Song Xiaogang special remind chengdu related businesses have a piece of blue ocean is present: "service robot is a huge industry in the future, once the mature, the market than industrial machine very much. Now, service robots are on the eve of industrialization. 

    Stanford institute CEO tianfu Huang Yan farmers are field analysis of the "technical experts" type of entrepreneurs, their business on a "thinking" and "resource" pain points, and also introduced the research in order to solve these pain points are doing some efforts: Stanford institute of tianfu is bred by systemic innovation, help scientific research and technology experts and complete the role transformation, and by means of the institute of globalization resource channels, as well as the related investment and financing, government policy support, to achieve technology transfer, speed up the "technical experts" entrepreneurs pace towards success. 

    At the event of the day, the ceremony was also held in the opening ceremony of the chengdu service station of the innovation drive of China automation society, and the establishment ceremony of chengdu advanced manufacturing collaborative innovation association. Southwest jiaotong university signed a contract with a new group for transformation of scientific and technological achievements project, Stanford and chengdu tianfu institute of science and technology service center is the future in the field of intelligent manufacturing various industrial chains to strengthen cooperation and seek common development for signing. 

    And BBS regional synergy innovation science and technology exchange meeting was held at the same period, and related to in the province (city) in the relevant person in charge of the department in charge of science and technology, some universities institutes, head of the academy of chengdu, chengdu technology bureau and the relevant person in charge of some subordinate institutions, a total of more than 50 people to participate in the communication. 

    At the same time also to carry out the "advanced manufacturing high-end consulting and investment promotion and capital introduction exchanges" activities, held the southwest jiaotong university science and technology achievements "monthly docking" results showed activity between colleges, concentrated on the "comfort to maintain high-speed railway track technology" "large and complex underwater tunnel structure analysis theory and design of key technologies", such as 42 items recommended by southwest jiaotong university science and technology innovation. 

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