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    Approach to industry 4.0: interpretation of sensor products and programme highlights
    Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2017-11-17 | 134 Views | Share:

    Sensor is one of the important role industrial age 4.0, along with the Internet of things application in the field of industrial promotion, more and more equipment need to use sensors to collect data, further to the value of data mining, improve equipment efficiency through the data analysis, the predicted something could happen, reduce outage losses, let factory closer to the market demand. 

    At the 19th China international trade fair, all the major sensor manufacturers from around the world are exhibiting their own products. In industrial applications, sensors range from pressure and temperature to sound and environment to biological detection. In order to meet the requirements of industry 4.0, some manufacturers have introduced smart sensors that can collect live data and also store and send data. Here is a list of sensor products and industry solutions for this year's trade fair.

    Easy door: easy implementation of production equipment monitoring

    The company is a German sensor company that provides sensors and intelligent control systems to lead the global automation industry. At the exhibition, ebay demonstrated its IO Link smart sensor and data online monitoring technology through a "WCM world-class factory" smart solution. Through IO-Link template and vibration monitoring system, the timing monitoring and predictive maintenance of plant production equipment are easily realized.

    Baluf: let the machine play its greatest value

    Smart machines need the support of big data, and only accurate and accurate data can give instructions to give the machine the most value. To make the best partner for automation solutions for balluff in this exhibition brings three new reveals ark, exhibited, respectively, in the tool management system balluff RFID, safety I/O module, IO - Link sensors balluff SmartLight intelligent lamps and other products. 

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